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About us

GB constructions (U.K)Ltd are a family-owned construction company with fifteen years industry experience. 

GB constructions (U.K)Ltd was originally founded in west London by Mr Shane, at beginning stage because we are a family-owned business we only doing building work by self-interest and only serves local area, with time goes we quickly gaining experience and trust from our clients, from that we decided to take step forward establish a company as broadened the scope of our services. 

Today we are very proud that we have a dedicated team of young, skilled, passionate people and we can undertake the whole package of building services with excellent workmanship and aftercare services across London area and around. We specialise in all renovation, refurbishments, extensions, loft conversions, electrical, plumbing and new build. 

We work closely with many building construction material suppliers and we cooperate with excellent and talented architects provide building solutions to our client. 

We are very passionate about what we do and how we do it. And that is the reason why we have excellent reputation for delivering the most cost effective and time efficiency. 

For us, we value Health & safety as principle of our business. We always believe that Health & safety is not a word, not a written policy it goes far beyond all that. We seriously treat Health and safety of our staffs and those who affected by our construction activities as major factor to the future success.